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I'm Samantha Herr. I've been doing marketing and graphic design for 10 years. I attended SDSU where I earned a BSA in Advertising and Marketing and a Minor in Graphics Design and Psychology.


Since starting Herr Branding Co, I've helped community-oriented businesses in the Rochester area to grow and reach their target audiences. My passion is your success.

I am partnered with my husband, Eric Herr. While usually not in the Limelight, Eric helps by being my sounding board and providing suggestions, advice, and analytical business coaching. 

Together we are Herr Branding Co.

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What We Do

This is not a one size fits all company. For that, each service can be modified to best fit your business brand.


Website Development

Business Branding

Graphic Design


Business Cards

Social Coaching


Keyword Updates

Point of View

Our POV page features community businesses you should get to know, blogs on branding, videos, how-to's, opinions, tutorials, and educational videos on how to build your best business brand.